My Second Last Challenge Was Great, I Have Been Vegan For Th

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My second last challenge was great, I have been vegan for the past 30 days with one day vegetarian in between as I had to try new samples for our new whey+ @nawaysupps 🥛

All in all I can say this was a really nice challenge and everyone could do it easily. There are so many vegan options nowadays, it’s crazy. I have to thank @vegainzluxembourg who made me a meal-plan which gave me ideas and notions on how to attack this challenge🙏🏼

I have to say, I don’t miss meat at all. I missed cheese and eggs a bit, but more often because someone else used them and I couldn’t eat it🧀

So in the end, the only issue was, the inconvenience when we were invited to eat somewhere. They always had to make something vegan or I had to bring my food.

I don’t know how I will proceed in the future. I will not fall into a meat frenzy.
One rule I will have is: no meat at home☝🏼

One last very important thing: vegan does not equal healthy.

I ate a lot of vegan gummi-bears and cookies towards the end.
Someone had to try, right?😛
Check the ingredients of vegan options, if there are more than a handful or things you cannot pronounce, keep your hands off them. Just because vegan sausages exist doesn’t mean you should just substitute everything you would normally eat.
Explore and try new things!
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