My Latest Obsession… It’s Silky, Flavorful & Packed With

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My latest obsession… it’s silky, flavorful & packed with benefits… are you ready for it? Hot Caramel Sea Salt Mocha ☕️ Yeap! You heard it right!!! This drink is SO GOOD that you’ll have it on repeat for weeks!

I always aim to use quality ingredients because what you put in your body really matters.

In this recipe, I’m using one of my favorite organic proteins: @consciouskitchen Organic Hemp Protein that delivers a unique mushroom blend featuring reishi, chaga, and cordyceps…. and nope, you can’t taste the mushrooms, in fact, the most predominant flavor is chocolate 🍫👅 , and even though it’s a plant-powered protein, its texture is not chalky at all which is a win for me.

I also added dates that I previously soaked in water to give it that caramel-y taste + a Conscious Kitchen Smart Fat Energy Bomb, a plant-powered fat ball with MTC oil that delivers clean fat for fuel and sustained energy to power your day ⚡️Now, onto the recipe.

Hot Caramel Sea Salt Mocha ☕️
✨12 Oz hot brew
✨1 scoop Conscious Kitchen Organic Hemp Protein Aztec Chocolate flavor
✨1 Conscious Kitchen Smart Fat Energy Bomb
✨1 date
✨1/2 cup frothed milk of choice

Directions: blend the coffee, hemp protein, and the date on high for 45 seconds. Then pour your coffee into a glass and add the fat ball, stir well until dissolved.
Now, add the frothed milk 🥛 and enjoy!