My Favorite Soup Of All Times Is By Vegan Author, Multitalen

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My favorite soup of all times is by vegan author, multitalent media queen @gudrun_soley and found in coincidentally, my favourite recipe book; “Krásir”. Her book has been raking in awards over the last year, all well deserved. It is in Icelandic though, hopefully she has plans on translating it – as it should be stable in every kitchen!

This week, in an attempt to stop food waste, I collected all vegetable and apple/pear cut offs in a container and froze (I buy organic and throw away ofcourse bits that have gotten bad..). Yesterday I thawed it and plopped in a pot with water and my organic vegetable stock! This I boiled and blitzed and added to the this “Mulligatowny soup” recipe. Because of this leftoverbonanzasoup I cut down on apples from the recipe and added 2 carrots and a sweet potato! This came out as always, devine.

My vegetable leftover soup measured, once blitzed, 1,5 liters and was a very decent soup on its own. I could have served up, no problem. This being said, the spices in the Mulligatowny soup, are out of this world and just make it sooo gooood. Hence, I added mine to the Mulligatowny. Family loved it as always – big success ✌️.

The kids were happy to take the soup to school and have for lunch, along with the flatbread I made – which was yum (recipe: ).

Moral of this blabber: Don’t be afraid to be creative with your leftovers. True story: I once added the leftovers of this soup to my veggie lasagna sauce.. hands down best lasagna I ever made ✌️🌱.