My Body Has Been Craving Fresh, Vibrant Veggies And I Had No

my body has been craving fresh vibrant veggies and i had no multip img cea
my body has been craving fresh vibrant veggies and i had no multip img cea

My body has been craving fresh, vibrant veggies and I had no idea what to make for dinner this evening. So I just started tossing things into a pan. And BANG! I got this beautifully simple dish that had so much flavor. Best yet, it took mere minutes to make!

This wasn’t a dish I intended on posting, but my housemate insists it would be cruel to not share with you all.

Ingredients: (all organic when possible)
•Dino kale
•Broccoli(not pictured)
•Fresh Ginger root
~A small dash of Himalayan salt while sautéing the mushrooms. And the fresh ginger is all I used to season it. I put it on a bed of wild brown rice with black amaranth and radish seeds (a blend I get from @TraderJoe’s).

Start by cooking your rice as this will take the longest in this process. I started my veggie prep and cutting after I started my rice. I really feel this tri-blend from Trader Joe’s (picture 2)was a perfect pairing. I also par-boiled (about 5 minutes of boiling) my beets in a small saucepan to speed up their cooking process.
While the rice is cooking, in a separate large sauté pan, start by cooking your celery and mushrooms on medium, add a small pinch of salt and cover to allow them to “sweat” a minute. Remove lid add in carrots, leeks and ginger. Your beets should be about ready, strain* and add those in too. Give a good stir and cover for about 2 minutes. Uncover and add in your broccoli and Dino kale cook for another 2 minutes

This was so simple and really freaking good. For added flavor I put a dash of Bragg’s amino acid on my rice. I would also add sprouted pumpkin seeds to my version.

Happy eating friends!!

*I keep my beet water and use it for smoothies! Yum!

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