🌱 Mushroom & Squash Risotto 🌱 Made For Me By @calmccul

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🌱 Mushroom & Squash Risotto 🌱 made for me by @calmccullagh

It’s my 2 year anniversary with Cal today so seems like the right day to post one of his recipes. He is AMAZING when it comes to rissoto, and this one he made me the other day is deffo a fave! Had the left overs of this cold for lunch the next day too, and I swear it’s what got me through the labs all day, it’s that good! Super seasonal meal too, including a home grown squash my parents brought up for me.

chestnut mushrooms
1/2 a squash, roasted so is soft
1-2 red onions
2 tbsp cream cheese
2 tbsp margarine
~1 cup rissoto rice
100ml veg stock
mixed herbs
onion powder
salt & pepper

β€’ fry mushrooms and onions in oil.
β€’ add mixed herbs, tumeric and onion powder.
β€’ add cream cheese and margarine.
β€’ add rice and continue to fry for a couple mins while stirring.
β€’ add the stock and roasted squash cut up.
β€’ continuously stir until you can run the spatula through the mixture and see the bottom of the pan.
β€’ keep adding stock/water and can see the bottom of the pan again on repeat until rice is cooked.
β€’ add peas once almost ready, and salt & pepper to taste.
β€’ enjoy!

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