||Meatless Monday Tofu Peanut Buddha Bowl ⁣

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meatless monday tofu peanut buddha bowl multip img 0 5f520c48

||Meatless Monday Tofu Peanut Buddha Bowl ⁣
Super Simple and Delish as per Usual for Meatless Monday!⁣

1. 1/4 Purple Cabbage Chopped⁣
2. 2 cups Broccoli Chopped⁣
3. 2 Cups Cauliflower Chopped⁣
4. 2 Small Bok Choy’s – ends cut off and washed⁣
5. Cauliflower Rice (frozen packet) or regular Rice⁣
6. Salt & Pepper⁣
7. 2 TBSP Olive oil ⁣
8. 1.5 TBSP Corn Starch⁣
9. 1 TBSP Sesame Oil⁣
10. Garlic Salt⁣
11. 1 Package Firm Tofu cut into cubes⁣
Peanut Sauce Ingredients:⁣
1. 1/3 cup Peanut Butter⁣
2. 2 TBSP Soy Sauce⁣
3. 1-2 TBSP Rice Wine Vinegar depending how “sour or vinegary” you like it. ⁣
4. Water to taste, about 4 TBSP is good depending how thin you like it!⁣

1. Preheat oven to 375F⁣
2. While the oven preheats chop the broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and place on a baking sheet with parchment paper and drizzle 2 TBSP olive oil, garlic salt, and pepper on the veggies, mix with your hands on the pan and place in the oven.⁣
3. While that is in the oven, chop the tofu, mix with 1 TBSP Sesame Oil, Corn Starch and salt to taste. Place on another baking sheet on one side, and place in the oven with a timer for 15 minutes. ⁣
4. Place the cauliflower rice in a not stick pan on low-medium covered and stir continuously to make sure it doesn’t burn- you are just warming it. ⁣
5. After 15 minutes, bring the tofu out and flip, add the Bok Choy and sprinkle a little salt on it. ⁣
6. Set a timer for another 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile put all the peanut sauce ingredients into a magic bullet or blender or even a jar and shake or blend. ⁣
7. Remove all the vegetables and tofu from the oven after the timer goes. ⁣
8. Dish some cauliflower rice into a bowl, top with veggies and tofu, and then peanut sauce.⁣

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