Margherita Toast 🥪 By @micadeli_ Tag Someone Who Need To

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Margherita Toast 🥪 By @micadeli_ tag someone who need to taste this vegan food 😍

3-ingredient recipe with tomatoes, vegan cheese and basil. So easy and so good! Get the English recipe below:
* 4 slices of bread
* 2 big tomatoes
* 2 handful of vegan cheese
* Basil leaves
* Plant butter, salt and pepper.

How to:
Cut out the bread into 4 slices. Spread out butter on the toasts on one side.
Wash and chop the tomatoes. Add on the bread along with cheese and basil leaves. Drizzle with salt and pepper on top. “Close” both toasts with the buttered side outside. Cook on a pan 2-3 mins on each side at medium heat. Flip when golden, crispy and when the cheese has melted.

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