Make Shredding Fat Easy!?

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make shredding fat easy display image 23f1ccb0

Make Shredding Fat Easy!?

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One of the biggest reasons why vegans can’t lose weight is because of the excuse “I’m too busy”.❌

Most working professionals are “busy”, which is why it is important to take the steps necessary to make your life as easy as possible.✅

Are you trying to get lean? Know your calories and meal prep around what

The meal on the left has 4 main ingredients – steamed cauliflower, garbanzo beans, chickpea pasta and corn. It doesn’t get much simpler in terms of food options Cooking with soy sauce and topping with sriracha helps give the meal a little flavor and kick?

The meal on the left is very low in calories…and it’s being used as a snack. However, the meal is high in food volume and fiber which will help you feeling full until your next meal. It’s important to prioritize foods high in volume, but low in calories when you’re in your fat shredding phase.??

Meal Prepping eliminates the need to stress about what you need to be eating. It also frees up your time not having to cook each meal, each day.?

The 3-day most workout meal prep pictured in the post took 15 minutes to make. 15 minutes to not have to think about what to eat after working out for 3 days.

Prioritize your health and fitness goals! Dedicate the time to get vegan lean!? Nutritional value of the meal on the left:
290 Calories
51g Carbs
16g Protein
4g Fat
11g Fiber

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