Made With A Handful Of Basic Pantry Staples, And Flavoured W

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Made with a handful of basic pantry staples, and flavoured with fruit purée, my easy vegan marshmallows are based on a delicious Russian confection, called zefir.⁣

Have you ever bought vegan marshmallows from a shop, and been utterly dismayed at the bag of overly-sweet, tough lumps of rubber masquerading as confectionary? Yeah, me too.⁣

A while back, I discovered zefir (aka zephyr, zephir, or zefi) – a delightful marshmallow treat from Russia that’s flavoured with real fruit.⁣

Zefir is gorgeous. And so very simple to make. There are no weird ingredients (unless you find agar-agar weird). While Russian zefir does contain egg white, mine doesn’t (I use aquafaba).⁣

This is the vegan marshmallows recipe you’ve been searching for! And yes, you can toast them too (as long as you’ve left them to air-dry for 24-48 hours).⁣

Head over to yumsome for the recipe! ⁣