Love To Support Small Businesses ❤

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love to support small businesses multip img fa

Love to support small businesses? ❤

Most of you who know me,
know that I follow a very strict diet in order to keep my body healthy – I’m born with a nerve disease and that’s been giving me lots of complications during my life – it all changed when I started thinking about what and how I eat.

It’s been difficult for me, finding my place in all this

– what’s healthy, what’s not???
…And it’s just a tricky world to navigate in.

Then I found @every_foods
✅100% plant-based
✅Freshly Harvested Flash-Frozen, @Every_foods ingredients are fresh from the field and full of valuable nutrients and vitamins that are optimally preserved by flash-freezing right after harvesting.
✅No industrial tricks – no artificial flavors, flavor enhancers or colors are added to our products.
✅Maximum flexibility & fast preparation – @every_foods meals can be prepared quickly (from freezer to plate in under 10 minutes) and easily in a pan or
✅Sustainable – we are CO2 neutra

This suits me and my body perfectly and I can finally start eating more of the things my body need.

These next weeks I’m gonna be showing you more from @every_foods and starting My very own “Cooking with Sanne and Every.” In my stories every Tuesday, of every. Week. ??

Are you joining me? ?

This weekend @every_foods

For each Every. item sold they will donate a Meal to ShareTheMeal to feed a child in need. 

“ShareTheMeal is an organization that donates food to people in need. Together with the United Nations World Food Program, they provide meals to food-insecure individuals and communities around the world.”

…. So this is to you, who wanna do a difference right now, this weekend, this moment in time.  


In My @secondyou_activewear

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