Love Donuts Youll Love This Recipe ? ⁠

love donuts youll love this recipe display image e
love donuts youll love this recipe display image e

Love Donuts? You’ll love this recipe ? ⁠

Here are 6 things we love about this recipe…⁠
Vegan friendly⁠
Healthy fats⁠
Loaded with protein⁠
Refined sugar free⁠
Gluten free⁠
100% delicious!⁠

1/2 cup almond flour⁠
1/2 cup buckwheat flour⁠
1/2 cup @pranaon protein powder ⁠
3/4 cup plant milk⁠
1 tsp baking soda ⁠
1 tsp cinnamon ⁠
1/2 cup peanut butter ⁠
2 mashed bananas ⁠
1 TBSP cocoa ⁠
1 flax egg*⁠
Pinch of salt ⁠
1/2 cup of peanut butter ⁠

Avocado frosting ⁠
1/2 an avocado ⁠
1 TBSP cocoa ⁠
1 TBSP maple syrup⁠

Preheat oven to 180 degrees. ⁠
Mix all dry ingredients into a bowl. ⁠

Mash the bananas in a bowl until smooth. Add in the milk and peanut butter. ⁠

Next mix the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. ⁠

Spoon mixture into your donut tray and cook for 15 minutes! ⁠

These donuts are topped with avocado frosting! ⁠

Makes 12 donuts ⁠
Cals: 224g⁠
Carbs: 20.9g⁠
Fat: 13.2g⁠
Protein: 9.6g⁠

* to make a flax egg combine 1 TBSP f ground flaxseed with 3 TBSP of water and leave to sit for 5 minutes. Flax seeds are a great source of fibre and also omega-3 fatty acids ?⁠

? and Recipe thanks to @jchealth_

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