🍲LOTUS ROOT Peanuts Soup For The Rainy Day.☔

🍲LOTUS ROOT Peanuts Soup for the rainy day.☔

A classic and popular Chinese home-cooked soup that is simple, comforting and delicious.

450g Lotus Root (washed, peeled, and sliced into 1cm thick slices lengthwise)
2.5 litres of water
Half cup raw peanuts, skin on (soak overnight with room temperature water)
A cup of vegetarian meat (made of mushrooms stem)
2 carrots, cut into bite-size
6 shiitake mushrooms
5 slices of ginger

Put all ingredients into the Ninja Foodi OP300 pot and fill with water, close the lid, turn valve to seal, select pressure, HI, set for 2 minutes and natural release.

Drizzle some toasted sesame oil, white pepper, black pepper and salt to taste. Enjoy!

Note: This soup can also be made nut free without the peanuts if you have nut allergy, just add 2 tablespoons dried goji berries and 8-12 dried red dates instead.

Pair with 🍚 Thai riceberry + Basmati.

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