Looking For An Easy + Healthy Meal For Lunch Or Dinner This

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Looking for an easy + healthy meal for lunch or dinner this week? Try out my quick #vegan Pesto Tofu Sandwich ? Herby tofu, fresh veggies like @cloudriverfarms red arrow radish + @violife_foods feta all loaded between toasted naan ? here’s what you need to make it:

?pesto tofu (recipe below)
?naan (make sure it’s vegan!)
[email protected] vegan pesto
?fresh veggies of your choice (i used spinach, sliced bell pepper + @cloudriverfarms’ red arrow radish)
[email protected]_foods feta
?salt, pepper + chili flakes to taste
[email protected] eggplant hummus (optional, but recommended)

Pesto Tofu:
Drain a block of extra firm tofu and press for 20-30 mins. Cut pressed block into wedges width-wise. Place wedges into air fryer and fry at 380 F for 20 mins (spray with oil spray before frying if you want crispier tofu!). Next, remove wedges from air fryer and place in a medium pot/ pan along with a cup of water and 3 tbsps of vegan pesto. Stir everything together and cook over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally, until all of the herby liquid has dissolved and been absorbed by the tofu (about 10 mins). At this point you should have firm but juicy tofu that appears to be coated on the outside with pesto. Let cool, assemble along with other sandwich ingredients, and enjoy!

Special shoutout to @frommybowl for this recipe inspo from her @traderjoes $3 Vegan Meals video on YouTube. I’ve been trying out her meal prep recipes this week and they are always so simple and delicious ? check Caitlin out at @frommybowl!

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