Loni Approved ✔?

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loni approved display image ebba

Loni Approved ✔?

Hello pawrents!
Let’s talk about *Cruelty Free* ?‍♀️ Hair and Beauty Products!

Hair and beauty products no longer need to be tested on animals AT ALL. Ever. There is so much technology in this day and age that it is simply not needed.

A product itself may be cruelty free because the finished product has not been tested on animals. However, individual ingredients supplied from other companies may not be in fact cruelty free.
Even if a company is trying to do the right thing and chooses ingredients not tested on animals, what is actually holding them accountable?

That’s where LEAPING BUNNY CERTIFICATION ? comes in! They ensure that EVERY stage of production, from ingredient selection, other companies involved, all the way to the finished product, have absolutely ZERO testing on animals. Leaping Bunny companies also have to renew their certification annually and undergo audits to maintain certification.

So fur-mummas and purr-dads, if you are in need of a switch in your hair or skin care regime, just message my mumma and she will set you up with some really nice products that will make your mane as luscious as mine ?


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