Loaded Protein Chia Seed Mousseeee. I Actually Went To Make

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Loaded Protein Chia Seed Mousseeee. I actually went to make a protein shake and remembered I had a chia seed pudding in the fridge so what the hell, combine the two and it ended up so delish. ⠀

Chia seeds are low in carbohydrates, high in fibre, healthy fats and a whole 16.7g of protein per 100g(!) Making them an excellent breakfast meal or an after gym shhhhnack. They are easier to digest when soaked, I personally find they do not digest well for me when I haven’t presoaked and tend to not eat them in their raw crunchy form.⠀

Serves 1 V GF⠀

40g chia seeds⠀
250ml chosen milk⠀
1tsp cacao⠀
100g frozen or fresh berries⠀
15g protein power⠀
Half frozen banana⠀

1 square dark chocolate⠀
1tsp desiccated coconut⠀

Method: ⠀
Place the milk in your cup before adding the chia seeds (otherwise all the chia seeds will stick to the bottom or sides!), add your tsp of cacao for a chocolatey boost. Add the berries, if using frozen they melt and make a lovely compote. For the protein mousse on top, blend together 100ml milk with 15g protein powder and half a frozen banana. Once blended add on top of chia seed pudding with cut up square of dark chocolate and desiccated coconut.⠀