Let’s Start With Some Little Tricks ✨for Stay Healthy St

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Let’s start with some little tricks ✨for stay healthy still enjoying your food 🍩

Oli: It’s absolutely a lighter choice instead of butter. When you bake something you need to add a fat part,but you can choose to use a good fat 🥑
100gr Butter=80 gr Oil

Stevia: Not everyone knows Stevia is a lighter and Healthy sweetener and it’s the perfect sugar substitute💡 it derives from the leaves🍃 of a plants native to Brazil and Paraguay.
100gr of sugar= 40gr of Stevia

Flour: I always choose the wholemeal flour to bake and cook my recipes,but there are a lot of type of flour you Can use instead of white flour! I’ll try to bake something with special flour and I’ll post delicious recipes posts.
(100gr white flour=75gr wholemeal flour)

Water:I always use vegetable milk (soy) and it’s perfect 🌟 but to be even more healthier you can often use just water 💧
(100ml Milk=100ml water)

Let me know what do you think about this❣️
Let’s start with the practice!👩‍🍳

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