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Homemade lentil dhal with all the trimmings for dinner and this was so good! Prob not very authentic but still tasted good anyway!

We had it with mini poppadoms, homemade garlic flat breads, onion bhajis, vegetable samosas, homemade raita, mango chutney, lime pickle and pilau rice.

For the lentil dhal:
✨half a tin coconut milk
✨half a tin tomatoes
✨half a cup red lentils
✨2 tbsp turmeric (could probably add some more because mine wasn’t very dhal coloured)
✨4 cloves garlic
✨2 tsp cumin
✨2tbsp curry powder
✨tsp garam masala
✨1 diced onion
✨1 tsp ginger
✨salt & pepper

✨Dice the onion and fry off in some oil with the garlic and all of the spices
✨Add the tomatoes and lentils and simmer on a low heat for at least an hour stirring occasionally. If it starts to dry out add a splash of water
✨Next stir in the coconut milk (on a really low heat) and leave to cook for another 30 ish minutes until it thickens up

For the flat bread:
✨150g plain soy yog
✨200g plain yogurt
✨a pinch of garlic granules

Mix ingredients together and break into as many naans as you want (this usually does 5 decent sized ones).

Heat oil in a pan really hot and whilst that’s heating roll out the dough quite thin. Fry until it bubbles and then flip! Top with butter and garlic.

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