Last Night We Roasted A Whole Pumpkin (cut In Half) In The O

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Last night we roasted a whole pumpkin (cut in half) in the oven. This will give us enough to make two delicious meals! (stay tuned to see what we will do with the other half).

I was inspired by a creamy pumpkin pasta recipe from @canteen_cafe_
There is an Igtv recipe video on @emmylou_loves if you want specific instructions on how to cook this!
Our youngest crew member did most of the cooking, so a shout out to him, well done son! πŸ˜„


Thickened cream
Onion and smashed garlic cloves
Sundried tomatoes
fresh thyme and rosemary
grated pecorino cheese
penne pasta

After roasting the pumpkin half way i added the cream, spices, fresh herbs, sundried tomato, onion and garlic and put it back in the oven untill all is cooked through. Then i tossed in the cooked penne pasta, wilted spinach and grated pecorino cheese. Top this with a good helping of feta (goatscheese)
and you have a very nice creamy pumpkin pasta for some weekend comfort food!

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