Kumpir Is One Of The Most Famous Street Food Dishes In Turke

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Kumpir is one of the most famous street food dishes in Turkey. I make it a bit healthier by changing some ingredients. They also call it “Jacket potato “ in the UK but usually serve it with cheese and baked beans. Here we go. I’m not going to write any measurements it’s because you can adjust it with your taste
– Large potatoes
-Tomato paste
-Green beans
-Olive Oil
-Vegan cheese ( optional)
-Salt and herbs

Pre-heat the oven on 200 degrees
Coat potatoes with olive oil
Wrap them with aluminium foil and cook them for about 45 mins.
Meanwhile start to prepare toppings;
Chop pickles and set aside
Sprinkle an olive oil in a pan and add tomato paste (add little bit of water if you paste is thick) Add cooked quinoas, grean beans, sweatcorn . Place them in a bowl.add chopped pickles, lemon, salt, herbs and spices as you like.

Once your potatoes ready, remove them from the oven ,unwrap the foil and cut them in half. While they’re still hot add olive oil, salt, pepper and vegan cheese; whisk together. Add your quinoa mixture as much as you like into your potato and it’s done! I hope you like it!