KL Hokkien MeešŸ˜‹ Is A Very Popular And Delicious Stir-frie

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KL Hokkien meešŸ˜‹ is a very popular and delicious stir-fried noodle dish in Malaysia. Itā€™s an inexpensive but satisfying meal that you can find at many Chinese eateries around KL. One of the key ingredients of a lip-smackingšŸ˜‹ Hokkien Mee is a good dark soy sauce and I found that Lee Kum Kee Premium Dark Soy SauceĀ @lkkusaĀ is the perfect match to create the flavor that I am familiar with. I used this dark soy sauce to braise the noodles to create a harmonious flavor with the sweet crunchy cabbage for an umami plant-rich meal
Recipe (yields 3 servings)ā£
3 servings frozen udon (thawed to room temp) or fresh yellow noodlesā£
7oz firm tofu (pressed)ā£, slicedā£
4oz Konnyaku slices (optional)ā£
3oz sliced mushrooms (used King Oyster)ā£
2 cups chopped cabbageā£ā£
2 cups chopped YuChoyā£
2 tablespoons finely chopped garlicā£ā£
oil for cookingā£
Sauce: ā£
3 tablespoonsĀ @lkkusaĀ Premium Dark Soy Sauce ā£
2 cups of water ā£
2 cups of veggie stock ā£
1. In a heated non-stick pan with 3 teaspoons oil, pan-fry tofu slices until golden brown, then continue to sauteĢ mushrooms for about 1 minute. Set aside. ā£
2. Using the same pan, add another tablespoon of oil and sauteĢ garlic until aromatic.ā£
3. Add in the water, veggie stock,Ā @lkkusaĀ Premium Dark Soy Sauce, and bring the mixture to a boil.ā£
4. Place in the noodles and rest of the ingredients (except vegetables), then place a lid over and lower heat to simmer until the sauce is reduced to half.ā£
5. Remove the lid and add in the vegetables, then toss to combine. Let the veggies cook for another minute until tender. Season accordingly.ā£
6. Turn off the heat and serve warm with a side of sambal or chili sauce.ā£
Note: Sauce will thicken slightly once itā€™s cooled down & adjust stock or water accordingly if using different types of noodles. ā£
CreditĀ @woon.heng
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