Kicking Of 🌿 Squash Season 🌿 With The ~spaghetti~ Vari

kicking of squash season with the spaghetti vari multip img eccc

Kicking of 🌿 squash season 🌿 with the ~spaghetti~ variety, featuring chickpeas, kale, and a “creamy” cauliflower sauce!

For the sauce
🌱 1/2 head of cauliflower, chopped
🌱 1 russet potato diced
🌱 1/2 yellow onion
🌱 2 cloves of garlic
🌱 2c low sodium veggie broth
🌱 1c plant milk of choice
🌱 1t white miso
🌱 1/4c nutritional yeast
🌱 1/2t turmeric

What you do:
☀️ sauté chopped onion for about 3 minutes, add minced garlic and cook another 2-3 minutes
☀️ add chopped cauliflower & potato, broth & plant milk, cover and simmer until fork tender
☀️ add the rest of the ingredients and blend using an immersion blender or transfer to a blender
☀️ season with salt, pepper, paprika to taste

This sauce is good for pasta, spaghetti squash, over potatoes or sautéed veggies. Plus it’s a great way to sneak in your daily turmeric!!

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