✖️KETO Cheesecake-Brownies 😍🙌🍪✖️ Made Those

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✖️KETO Cheesecake-Brownies 😍🙌🍪✖️ Made those the other day for a friend’s husband, who has diabetes & they LOVED them! We’ve also had some and they’re really extraordinary yummy😋. I’m not a big fan of making keto treats, cakes or puddings, bc I like to keep things simple for me. Also, I definitely eat more when I have fancy stuff to eat around🙈🙄. But when I make some, the recipe should be simple and not requiring crazy ingredients, that I don’t have in the cupboard. ✖️ Ingredients Brownie base ✖️: 48 g ground almonds, 3 eggs, 30 g 100% cocoa powder, 112 g butter, 1 tsp baking powder, 100 powdered erythrit, 1 tbsp vanilla extract. ✖️ Ingredients Cheesecake swirl:✖️225 g soft cheese, 1 egg, 30 g powdered erythrit, 1 tsp vanilla butter cookie extract (or plain vanilla). Just mix all brownie ingredients together in a bowl and pour the batter into a 20×20 cm cake form (grease it generously). Mix all ingredients for the cheesecake swirl together and put it on top of the brownie mass. Use a fork or a toothpick to make nice swirls🙂. Bake at 180 C for 25 min🙌. Let it cool completely, before you cut it into 16 pieces. Keep them in the fridge, they taste double delicious and extra gooey when served chilled😋😋! ✖️Per serving: 119 kcal/ 10,9 g F/ 1,7 g C/ 3,6 g P ✖️ #keto #foodstagram #foodporn #foodvideo #foodphotography #ketofoodie #lowcarb #lchf #ketogenic #diet #ketolifestyle #ketosis #healthyfood #sugarfree #glutenfree #ketogenic #foodie #ketodiet #grainfree

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