Kale Finally Tastes Good!

kale finally tastes good display image ed
kale finally tastes good display image ed

Kale finally tastes good!
A vegan alt to cream sauce is so much better and tastier than any over abundant cheese sauce. And, gasp! It’s good for you yet tastes decadent AF.
-1.5 cups raw cashews soaked in water, preferably overnight
-5 tbspns (plus more if you like funk) of nutritional yeast
-1/4 cup oat or nut milk
-1/4 cup broth (use more if you like a looser sauce
-2 tbspns coconut cream or full fat coconut milk
-1 red onion sautéed for 5 min in EVOO
-2 tbspns lemon juice
-6 cloves of garlic (we love garlic so base the flavor on your taste)
-chipotle flakes
-pinch of cumin
-loads of black pepper

Blitz all ingredients in a blender until really smooth. My advice is to add the ingredients little by to get the consistency and flavor profile that’s right for you. We adore spicy, so chipotle was used liberally in the sauce.

This cream sauce is great over pasta, vegs and especially spinach or kale. Just sauté kale in a bit of oil, mixing and adding water or broth until it’s wilted, then spoon the sauce, cover until desired kale density.
There were zero leftovers of this creamy umami bomb…and I hate kale!
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