Kabusecha (jap. かぶせ茶, Engl. Covered Tea) Is A Japane

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Kabusecha (jap. かぶせ茶, engl. “covered tea”) is a Japanese penumbra tea.

Shading the tea plant to improve quality has a long tradition in Japan. In the region of Kagoshima in the south of Japan with the active volcano Sakurajima, the tea bushes are covered by special cultivation layers with appropriate nets for shading (jap. kabuseru). The nets are applied by hand and allow about half of the sunlight to pass through. Growing in semi-shade comes closest to the natural light conditions of a wild tea bush. In terms of content, penumbral tea has more active ingredients and a particularly fragrant and fresh aroma.

Kabusecha, which combines the characteristics of Gyokuro and Sencha, is prepared roughly as follows: five grams of Kabusecha tea per 100 ml of water at a temperature of 55-70 °C. The infusion time is about two minutes.

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