Just Made My No-bake Energy Bites Today.

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Just made my no-bake energy bites today.
The recipe was originally from a friend of mine. But I modified it according to my own tastes and previous experiments. These bites are super easy to make, and are packed of antioxidants, healthy fat, fibre, protein and vitamins.

For the base:
– 6 dates
– 1 very ripe banana
(These two are very important as the sweetness is from them instead of added sugars. )
– 2 tbsp of flax seeds
– 2 tbsp of chia seeds
– 2 tbsp of cacao nibs
– 2 tbsp of cacao powder
– 2 tbsp of hemp hearts
– 2 tbsp of unsweetened nut butter
– 1 tbsp of goji berries
– 1 tsp of pure vanilla extract
– 1 small can of unsweetened premium coconut milk
Mix all these ingredients in a food processor until they turn into a non-chunky paste. Pour it into a thick plate with either tin foil or parchment paper underneath. Leave the paste in the freezer for about 30 mins to form.

In the meanwhile, make the topping:
– 2 packs of 90% dark chocolate
– 2 tbsp of coconut oil
– Pinch of sea salt
Fully melt the chocolate, and then pour it on top of the firm base. Leave the whole thing in the freezer for another 2hrs-ish.

Finally, cut it into pieces according to personal preference and the size of containers. Iā€™d die for more cacao powder and sea salt so I added more on the very top. Store them in the freezer and they can serve as either energy boost before workout or emergency solution when you desperately need more calories for the day.

My only kind reminder here: DO NOT GET ADDICTED!šŸ¤Ŗ

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