Japanese Style Spaghetti Napolitan ?

japanese style spaghetti napolitan display image
japanese style spaghetti napolitan display image

Japanese style Spaghetti Napolitan ?

Spaghetti Napolitan is a Japanese spaghetti dish made with cured meat (of course NO❌ meat here ), onions, green peppers, and KETCHUP.

Spaghetti Napolitan was created in Japan to suit the Japanese palate during a time when Western food first started to appear. It may not be authentically Italian, but it’s been an authentic part of Japanese yōshoku for the past 90 years. Like the same way that California rolls and Caterpillar Rolls were created in the West to adapt sushi to Western palates.

Here is my vegan version thick and rich Spaghetti Napolitan with using overnight smoked tofu.

? Ingredients (serving 1)
✔️50g fusilli (my dad is having difficulty swallowing, he prefers short pasta, instead of spaghetti I used fusilli)
✔️1/8 cabbage (shredded) *basic recipe is onion but I don’t eat them, so.
✔️1 green pepper (shredded)
✔️1 king oyster mushroom (slice the stem, chop the cap)
✔️40g atsuage tofu or extra firm tofu
✔️4TBS ketchup
✔️1TBS vegan butter

? Instructions
1 make overnight smoked tofu
Slice atsuage tofu, or extra firm tofu, soak in the bacon liquid (canola oil, soy sauce, smoked liquid, maple syrup, smoked paprika, black pepper) for overnight
2 in a large skillet, heat canola oil, sauté cabbage, mushroom, and smoked tofu, sprinkle salt and pepper
3 add in ketchup, simmer until sauce becomes thickened
4 start cooking fusilli according to the package instruction
5 add vegan butter and green pepper, and cooked pasta, stir to combine

The tips for this dish are more ketchup, and add vegan butter at last!! Gives you rich taste ?

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