Japanese Paella 🥘 

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Japanese paella 🥘 

Yes, my parents are old, they always like “Wa-shoku” (Japanese food).
So I made a Japanese version paella, which turned out so delicious, and my parents were so happy with it😊

Japanese paella🌱
Ingredients (serving 3-4)
2cups uncooked rice, lotus root, bamboo shoot, shimeji mushrooms, atsuage tofu, edamame, Japanese green peppercorn, Umeboshi (salty pickled plums)

1 make broth 
Boil 2.5cups water, add 1tsp kelp powder, 1TBS soy sauce or tamari (GF), 1/2tsp sea salt 
2 cut atsuage tofu into cubes, coat with light salt and pepper, nutritional yeast 
3 in a large skillet, heat canola oil, pan fry atsuage, and set aside 
4 slice 5 lotus root for toppings, cut the rest into quarters
5 cut bamboo shoot into large pieces for toppings, and the rest for small pieces 
6 remove the hard tip from shimeji mushroom and loosen into individual stems
7 in a large skillet, heat olive oil, sauté lotus root and bamboo shoot toppings , sprinkle sea salt and pepper, and set aside 
8 in a same skillet, add little more olive oil, sauté the rest of lotus root, bamboo shoot, and shimeji mushrooms, sprinkle sea salt and pepper, add half of atsuage tofu, rinsed rice until rice is translucent 
9 add 3TBS white wine, stir until alcohol is evaporated 
10 pour 2cups of broth, mix with a spatula from the bottom of the skillet, cover with a lid, cook for 10 minutes over medium heat 
12 remove the lid, pour the rest of broth, drizzle 1TBS canola oil from the edge of the skillet over high heat until you hear the sizzling sound, then turn down to the medium heat
13 topping with lotus root, bamboo shoot, the rest of atsuage tofu, and edamame 
14 cover with a lid again, and cook for another 4-5 minutes 
15 turn off heat, let the cooked rice steam for 10 minutes 
16 garnish with Japanese green peppercorn, Umeboshi (salty pickled plums)

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