It’s National Coffee Day And I Thought It Would Be The Per

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It’s National Coffee Day and I thought it would be the perfect time to share a copycat recipe I came up with during quarantine when I couldn’t go to my favorite smoothie store.

The locals to my area will understand (and mourn with me) the after-workout gathering spot, Organic Pharmer. I would go after a workout @rippedtrainingmethod every few days and splurge on their Pharmaccino. Part protein shake, part coffee drink – omg it hit the spot after working out. I wasn’t the only one either, literally almost every person on line would order it after their workout and I’ve seriously missed it so much.

Organic Pharmer hasn’t reopened, and I’m worried they are closed for good (any info – let me know?) so in the meantime – I’m sharing with you my copycat hack to get this incredibly delicious vegan coffee protein shake. It’s as close as I can get, and I think you’ll agree it’s pretty good!

Copycat Pharmaccino – serves 2

3/4 cup coffee
1/2 cup Almond Milk
2 large Bananas
2 scoops Sprout Living Epic Protein Powder – (Chocolate Maca flavor)
1 teaspoon organic cocao powder
2 cups ice

Blend all the ingredients but the ice in a blender until mixed well. Then slowly add the ice and blend until icy-creamy. Serve immediately.
I find the Epic Protein to be the key to it tasting exactly like theirs – it’s what they used and it’s important to flavor!

It is a dreary day in NY today – playing with a little backlight so branching out a bit on my normal style. Not sure how I feel about it, #feelcutemightdeletelater

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