It’s Easy!!!! …. If You Want It To Be.

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It’s easy!!!! …. if you want it to be.
Tips to make healthy eating easier:
✅ Make extra dressing. Double the batch so you have dressing already made for the next day!
✅ Prep in the morning (or the night before!). Get up earlier, this is when you’re freshest and most motivated. Chop everything you’ll need for both lunch and dinner while creating your morning fuel. That way it’s DONE!
✅ Use pre-chopped and no-chop ingredients like cherry tomatoes, pre-shredded cabbage or carrots, lentil or mung bean sprouts, pre-washed baby greens, already spiralized vegetables, bags of ready to use broccoli, cauliflower, peas… there are many things that you can just dump into a salad quickly!
✅ Share raw meals with others who don’t eat the same. Chop extra of course! Making tacos for them? Add veg from your salad. Making them Chili? Use ingredients from your raw Chili for theirs. Making them a stir fry? Use the chopped veggies from your salad in their stir fry. Making spaghetti? Make extra raw marinara and just heat it up for their pasta noodles! Many ways to incorporate raw with cooked foods for easier prep!
✅ Rinse as you go! Cleaning as you go helps so much!
✅ Wash produce in advance when you bring it home. Not only to reduce fruit flies and extend shelf life, but to always have options to grab when you’re feeling snacky.
✅ Find you Fallback Five, five raw vegan recipes you know by heart and LOVE LOVE LOVE! That way when you’re strapped for time, stressed or tired, you know you can make something quickly that you’ll enjoy.
✅ Default to fruit. As always, the fastest fast food is fruit. Peel and enjoy!!
What are your tips to add to this list to help make healthy choices easier?!
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