It’s A Full Out A Cozy Season – Thick Sweaters, Cozy Blank

its a full out a cozy season thick sweaters cozy blank display image  e5afe303
its a full out a cozy season thick sweaters cozy blank display image e5afe303

It’s a full out a cozy season – thick sweaters, cozy blankets, and SOUP! And this pumpkin/acorn soup was so delicious and nourishing.⁠

This is such a challenging time in SO many ways. Our health – mental and physical is on a decline. And I don’t know if everyone realizes that what you eat is intimately related to HOW you FEEL. Eating sugar-loaded or with a ton of preservatives will have a cascading effect on our body. It will change it. So while eating out once in a while is okay, I truly think the magic happens in the kitchen. We can place so much power within ourselves and empower ourselves when we cook and take care of ourselves.⁠

Pumpkin/acorn squash soup⁠
1 medium onion⁠
1 tsp of salt⁠
1 tablespoon of lemon⁠
1 tsp of onion powder⁠
2 tsp of garlic paste⁠
1 tsp of coriander paste⁠
2 bay leaves⁠
2 cups of vegetable stock⁠
1 can of coconut milk⁠
1/4 tsp of paprika⁠
2 cups of roasted squash puree (I added 1 cup of acorn squash and 1 cup of pumpkin)⁠

Sautee your onions until translucent and add everything on the list of ingredients except pumpkin puree, stock, and coconut milk. Continue cooking until incredibly fragrant. Add in your purees and coconut milk, and bay leaves. Stir until everything is combined and mixed well. Finally, add in your stock carefully and stir again. Let it cook for 20 minutes on low until it’s reached your desired consistency! Remove bay leaves, and you can have your soup as is, BUT I wanted it thick, rich, and smooooooth, so I placed it into my high-speed blender and creamed it for 30 seconds. Remove, taste, and adjust seasonings! YUM!!!⁠

Check out the recipe deets?? (?: @sculptedkitchen )⁠

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