Im Thrilled To Welcome Frances Gonzalez @francesgonzalez_new

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I’m thrilled to welcome Frances Gonzalez @francesgonzalez_newyork
@myveganwines as she leads us on a virtual tour of the Jeanmarie Chocolat Farm, joined by Juan Echevarria, founder of @jeanmariechocolat during our Plant’ish room on Clubhouse, Saturday, 11/6/2021 at 11 am PST/2 pm EST

Join us as we explore ‘Chocolat’ from Seed to Bar, Organic, Sustainable and Proudly Grown in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

Juan and Maria, husband and wife, are the masterminds behind Jeanmarie Chocolat.
In the summer of 2009, Juan and Maria started the development of the chocolate industry in Puerto Rico.

“We always loved chocolate but cacao was not locally grown in Puerto Rico back then. We discovered wildly grown cocoa pods at our parents’s farms and started confectioning our first chocolate bar.” – Juan Echevarria, Jeanmarie Chocolat’s Founder

The Jeanmarie farm follows permaculture principles, which simulate or directly utilize the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems. All Jeanmarie farming processes are done naturally and free of any man-made chemicals or animal products.

Jeanmarie Chocolat, produces the finest organic cacao and artisan chocolate products. Their gourmet chocolate bars are specially confectioned with the best varieties of Puerto Rican organic cocoa.

​Jeanmarie chocolat bars have been recognized by top chocolate tasting experts worldwide as one of the most exquisite and uniquely flavorful in the world! ​All Jeanmarie products are free of GMO’s and artificial ingredients.

Additionally, Damarys, daughter of Juan and Maria, will join us as she’s taken the family’s cacao farm production to the next level with her nouveau creation of Franciska Wines, an exquisite artisan cacao wine which is gaining a ton of attention. Damarys will share her vision for Franciska Wines, how it’s best enjoyed and more… 🍷

This promises to be one of our most delicious conversations yet! 😋 🌱🍫🌱🍷💚

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