I’m Sure And Always Will Agree That The Best Meals Come Fr

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I’m sure and always will agree that the best meals come from cleaning the fridge and your pantry 😉 today I made a “tabulé like” quinoa salad and came out way better than I thought. If you have some of the ingredients try it at home you’ll love it!

🌱Tricolor quinoa (rinsed and cooked in water with a pinch of salt) excess water drained

🍆 eggplant in cubes
🌶poblano pepper in cubes
🌶 red bell pepper in cubes
🌱tempeh crumbs
🥣 sauté the veggies with olive oil salt and pepper and let rest

🍠sweet potato in cubes previously roasted (360F . 8min)

🌱1/2 bunch cilantro chopped
🌿1/2 bunch parsley chopped
🍅 tomatoes of your choice (I had yellow but use what you have )
🍋lemon juice and zest
🧂Olive oil salt and pepper.

Once everything is ready mix the ingredients in a bowl and let them in the fridge uncovered for about 30-40 min to cool down.
Then serve and top with lemon zest and herbs. Enjoy !
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