If Your Avocado Isn’t This Creamy, It Ain’t The One For

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If your avocado isn’t this creamy, it ain’t the one for you baby, patience young Padawan.🥑
Check me out ima chef!! 👇🏼
June 15, 2020 I officially decided to start a Vegan Alkaline diet, and I have never looked forward to eating more than I have during this time. On #NationalAvocadoDay, I have to tell you about my favorite way to prepare guacamole.
Cooked Ingredients:
1/2 paddle of Nopal
1/2 Onion (diced)
1/ 2 Bell pepper (diced)
1/2 Summer Squash (spiralized)
1/2 Green Zucchini (diced, squares, slices)
4-5 Bella Mushroom ( I like to add many types depending on what flavor/texture I’m going for – if adding mushrooms other than bellas, cook those as recommended and set to the side)
Premade Ingredients:
2/3 cup cooked Chickpeas
Fresh Ingredients:
1-2 large Juice Avocado
Red/Green Leaf Lettuce as desired
Cherry tomatoes as desired
2-4 key limes
In a large skillet, turn on medium heat and allow to heat up. Add in your Nopales, bringing to a nice sizzle then add in your Onion, light salt and cayenne. Let that cook down for a few minutes until everything is slightly juicy.
Once that has had a few minutes to cook, add in Squash, Zucchini, Bell Pepper and Mushroom, seasoning with light salt, cayenne and now adding a little tarragon. Mix well, so the juice of the Nopales and Onion is fully saturated throughout the pan. Allow to cook down, with the top on, stirring occasionally until the mushrooms are juicy and tender.(if you planned on it, add other mushrooms at this point)
While simmering, add cooked chickpeas, and the juice of one key lime, stirring to fully combine ingredients. Turn heat down to a simmer and allow ingredients to combine.
Cut your lettuce, half your tomatoes and slice open your avocados. Assemble everything in a large bowl, adding the juice of your remaining limes, sprinkling in a little salt, and cayenne. Combine with your pan ingredients, fully saturating guac throughout the dish. Enjoy with some Amaranth flour tortillas/chips or on it’s own!
Don’t you just guac to try all this Mother-loving greatness! 😋