I Love You So Matcha 🍵

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I love you so matcha 🍵

#livewellgiftedme this great tasting Beyond Greens superfood mix and I have fallen pretty hard! I have to admit, I will drink matcha because of the benefits, but it’s not my absolute fav when it comes to flavor. What I love about this mix is it’s chock full of amazing superfoods that your body craves while actually tasting good (thanks to the stevia!)

🍵 Now, you can easily mix one scoop of this into your water and go! Yes, it’s that easy; however, I like to add it to smoothies…because why not? I even snuck some into my husbands smoothie and he commented on how good it tasted 😏

🍵Adulting can be hard sometimes right? We have to make sure we are eating right, exercising, taking the proper supplements, figuring out what in the world gluten intolerance is (I went down a wormhole when that first came out), etc. If you can’t keep up with ALL the things, then this powder makes it easy!

🍵The deets:
– Dairy free
– Gluten free
– Keto friendly
– Paleo friendly
– Vegan
– Non-GMO
– soy free
– Shellfish free

🍵 Includes ingredients such as:
– A variety of Mushrooms (such as Lion’s Mane & Reishi)
– Milk thistle
– Probiotics
– Echinacea

🍵What does all of this mean exactly?
If you use this in your water, juice, etc it will help your gut health, boost your immune system and provide energy (if used daily)

🍵Here’s the good news! If you shop you can use my code AMANDABG10 on your first purchase to review a 10% discount. Price: 39.99 US

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