I Juice Celery EVERY Morning, Religiously And Have Been Tryi

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I juice celery EVERY morning, religiously and have been trying to think about ways to repurpose the celery pulp so it doesn’t go to waste. I have been inspired by my fellow yoga teacher and sustainability Queen @kaliaevermann to create a recipe and here it is…celery fritters with parsley stalk/cherry tomato relish! OMG, the best little morning treat! Would be an amazing appetizer too. To make celery fritters… 1 Cup Celery Pulp 1 Clove Minced Garlic 2 T Chopped Parsley 1 t Nutritional Yeast S & P to taste Mix all ingredients together, form into small patties and bake or fry in a small amount of coconut or avocado oil. To make tomato/parsley stalk relish… Chop 8 cherry tomatoes with leftover chopped parsley stalks and season with s & p. Top fritters and enjoy!!!!
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