I Decided To Try @purplecarrotxo Meal Delivery Service Last

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I decided to try @purplecarrotxo meal delivery service last week! For those that don’t know, Purple Carrot is similar to Home Chef, Blue Apron, etc. where the ingredients are pre-portioned to cook yourself at home! However, it is all #vegan and #plantbased! It comes with a pamphlet that includes ingredients, directions and calorie breakdown.

My menu for the week: Sweet & Spicy Kashmiri Curry, New England Lobster Rolls, Crispy Lemon Tofu, and Crispy Mushroom Quinoa Pilaf.

I got 4 meals, 2 servings each. With a coupon, I ended up paying $65.92. Without the coupon, it would have been $95.92. For 8 meals, I think it’s a bit steep, since it doesn’t feed you for the entire week.

It’s less food waste but that means you are getting less produce and a lot more waste going in the trash, since everything is pre-packaged. However, you are paying for convenience and not needing to put any thought into most of your lunch/dinners for the week.

That said, the food was amazing. Omg. So good! I made things I normally wouldn’t make and it was fun! I give each recipe a 10/10 in taste, flavor, and they were all damn easy to make. Also, the quality of the produce was exceptional. They put so much TLC into this and it’s obvious!

I also liked I could customize the recipes. For example: I eat mostly gluten free and was able to leave out gluten ingredients in some because they were in separated packaging. I also did end up using less oil than recommended, so it was a bit lower calorie than the estimations listed in the pamphlet.

My next criticism: there was not enough food 🤣. I ended up going grocery shopping because I knew I wouldn’t be full. Some of the meal portions were so small, it kind of freaked me out! I ended up adding additional veg, and protein here and there for some of the meals.

Overall, I think this is a wonderful service! I would give them a 7.5/10. I won’t be getting it on a regular basis due to cost, portion size and the fact that I cook on my own a lot already, but this is perfect for people who want to dive into more vegan or plant based lifestyles. The recipes were easy, creative, fun, and delicious!