I Am So Proud Of How Much My Kitchen Has Evolved Over The La

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I am so proud of how much my kitchen has evolved over the last 5 years. Throw back to 2015 and you would open my cupboard to find processed flours, bottled condiments, packets of meats and cheeses and some fresh food. And I was already someone who took pride in eating ‘healthy’. In my restaurant I was making food from scratch but you would still find cooking oils, white processed flours, breads and brown sugar. When you include something ‘bad’ in your diet it’s difficult to stop it from ever so steadily increasing it’s way back into all of your food again. For us it was like smoking – we couldn’t just have one a day. We had to commit fully to a new way of eating so that we could make long-lasting change that would see us eating the foods we were wanting to get more of.

The biggest reason I find that it can be a long process (long-lasting change always happens slowly), is because the way in which I desired my family to eat was counter-cultural to everything around me. We live in a society that is too busy to eat real food, has no idea where their food came from who or how it was grown (or when, where and how it was slaughtered) and disconnected from themselves, their bodies and their emotions. My family had to spend time re-connecting, researching, re-aligning and releasing all of the societal conditioning to make way for a happy and healthier way of existing.

We eat out about once a year when we go away. We pretty much never buy processed food. We don’t even find this difficult, it’s not even a self-control thing. It’s just that we have been eating this way for so long, we are really connected to how good we feel when we eat like this, it just isn’t enjoyable to eat crap. I have completely adapted how I cook and source my ingredients so that I always have an abundance of food to create with so that I am prepared if time or energy is lacking.

Take a look at your kitchen – our kitchens, our pantries, our fridges, our fast food orders – are shaping our world. Our food choices are killing us and our planet but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Checkout my shopping list that I stock my fridge and pantry with – Link in bio.