How To Make A Nutritious Vegan Smoothie⁠

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how to make a nutritious vegan smoothie display image ec26a09f

How To Make a Nutritious Vegan Smoothie⁠

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Smoothies are a great way to ensure you’re still consuming adequate nutrition when you’re strapped for time. The number of options and different combinations you can use are endless too!⁠

?Start off by choosing a base:⁠
You could go for a plant-based milk, which will provide a good opportunity to boost your calcium intake for the day if you choose a calcium fortified brand (recommended). You could also choose coconut water which is packed full of electrolytes, making it a great post-workout option. Or you could go with water, which is an obvious healthy choice.⁠

?Next sneak in some dark greens:⁠
Top choices are kale, spinach, beets or celery. They’ll pack in iron, fibre and essential vitamins including vitamin A and K. The best part about using them in smoothies is that you can easily disguise the flavour if you don’t really enjoy it!⁠

?Add in some nutrition boosters:⁠
Things like protein powder, cacao, maca, turmeric and cinnamon are all incredible ingredients. They’ll provide varying nutritional content and most are high in antioxidants.⁠

?Finally add some fruit:⁠
Fruits such as banana, berries and mango are perfect but you can choose anything else you love too! Fruits provide valuable carbohydrates, dietary fibre and are incredibly nutrient-dense with high amounts of vitamin C. Plus, they add a delicious flavour too!⁠

What’s your favourite combination?⁠

Tasty Greetings??⁠


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