How Red Velvet Got Its Name

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How Red Velvet Got Its Name

Red velvet cake did not get its name from the bottle of food coloring you dump into the batter.

During the Great Depression, families were using less food colorings and extracts. They were just one more unnecessary expense that could be cut out.

While the savings was good news for penny-pinchers, it was not-so-great news for the Adams Extract company. To counter slumping sales, folks at the company came up with the Adams Red Velvet Cake recipe—a concoction that used red food coloring and butter extract instead of the traditional ingredients.

Before food coloring become the popular way to make the cake scarlet, the hue was much more subtle and was caused by the way vinegar, cocoa, and buttermilk reacted together. The “velvet” comes from the smooth texture of fine cake crumb.

Now, our red velvet cookies are inspired by the same story. The differences: the tanginess comes from the homemade vegan cream cheese filling and not in dough itself, plus it is vegan! The guilt-free combination of the cocoa-infused bitter dough, and the lemon-flavored vegan cream cheese makes it a perfect bite.

The story of the red velvet origin comes from this website: