Honestly This Is The

honestly this is the multip img bb
honestly this is the multip img bb

Honestly this is the
Easiest Vegan cream Cheese
With so little ingredients

Soak 150gr cashews for at least 2 hours
Blend them with
1/2 lemon juice
65gr water
15gr refined coconut oil
1tsp apple cider vinegar

For the Pesto chop and mix
1cup basil leaves ( I didn’t have enough so I did 1/2 basil 1/2 parsley)
1 garlic
30gr pine nuts
1tsp olive oil

Put some cling foil or a clean reusable small bag into a small cup.
Pour 1/2 of the cheese then the pesto and then the other half cream cheese
Tie the plastic to form a ball inside the cup and keep it in the fridge overnight

This recipe makes 2 little balls ☺️?
Enjoy with bread or crackers

❤️ Laris
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