Homemade Nut Roast From Yesterday Using @bbcfood ‘s Recipe

Homemade nut roast from yesterday using @bbcfood ‘s recipe 🌱

I remember starting off my vegetarian roasts last year using packets from @morrisons, I can’t remember which brand now, which all you have to do is add hot water to the powder packet which magically converts into a nut roast to be baked! Well this time, I couldn’t find it in any of the shops around so I decided to search and make my own from scratch, and wow was it worth it! Most of the ingredients (lentil, spices, mixed nuts) are already staples in my pantry anyway so it wasn’t difficult to start off with. The mushrooms I think are the culprit in adding that extra meaty flavour to the roast which is otherwise wholly plant based. For the veg, it was only a matter of parboiling the potato then whacking the rest in the oven for about an hour!

I would wholly recommend trying making your own roast from scratch, I’m a lover of having mine from the pub but now realising homemade really sometimes can’t be beaten.

Swipe for roast with veggie gravy 🤤

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