Homemade Apple Butter

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Homemade Apple Butter

Previously, I posted a recipe for Apple Cider😚🍎Remember how I told you not to discard the cooked apples? Well, that’s because you can make delicious Apple Butter from the solids that many people throw away!

FYI, apple butter is not actually butter😅 Its like apple sauce, but cooked longer into a thicker, more concentrated form of spread. It’s delicious with breads, yogurt, ice cream, and even for baking. You can use it as an egg substitute✌️

All the ingredients and method for making Apple Cider are on my previous post.
1️⃣Once you strain the cider, remove cinnamon sticks and orange peels from the solids. Purée the cooked apples with a hand blender or food processor. (At this point, you have apple sauce😁)
2️⃣Add 1 Tbsp maple syrup to the apple mixture, and cook it uncovered on low heat. Stir often to prevent a crust forming at the bottom. Cook for about an hour, until thick and smooth.

Stay warm and safe💕🙏🤗