😍 Here Are 2 Healthy Recipes To Silence Your #sweettooth

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😍 Here are 2 healthy recipes to silence your #sweettooth 🤤

1️⃣ Nut Butter Chocolate Pots 🍫🤤 super easy, 6 ingredients and totally gluten-free & vegan!! Who would demolish these right now?! by @healthylivingjames

🛒 Ingredients (makes 2)⁣

▪️6 Tbsp oat flour (gluten-free oats)⁣
▪️6 Tbsp cacao powder⁣
▪️3 Tbsp maple syrup⁣
▪️1 tsp baking powder⁣
▪️Pinch salt⁣
▪️130-140ml milk of choice (I used almond)⁣
▪️2 tsp nut butter (1 in each ramekin)

1️⃣ Firstly blend your oats into a flour (do about 1 cup or 100g so you have more oat flour for another day)
2️⃣ To a mixing bowl add 6 tbsp of the oat flour + cacao powder + maple syrup + baking powder + salt + milk and mix (if it’s a little thick depending on brand of milk add a little more)
3️⃣ Now add a tsp of nut butter to each ramekin and pour in the chocolate sauce
4️⃣ Bake at 200C (390F) for 10-12 minutes (quite dependent on how hot your oven runs for me it’s 10 minutes)


➡️ Can I use other flour? I think something like almond, buckwheat and plain gluten free flour should work although I haven’t tested them
➡️ Can you microwave them? Yes, around 40-60 seconds should do it but again you will need to test this

2️⃣ Peanut Butter Granola 🥰 Trust me this will beat any shop bought granola!! What’s your favourite way to serve granola? by @healthylivingjames

Ingredients (6 large servings):⁣⁣

▪️ 2 cups oats, 200g (I use gluten-free)
▪️ 1 cup almonds (150g)
▪️ 1 cup walnuts (150g)
▪️ 1 cup ground almonds (100g)
▪️ 6 tbsp maple syrup
▪️ 4 tbsp melted coconut oil
▪️ 4 tbsp peanut butter (crunchy or smooth)

1️⃣ To a large mixing bowl add all the ingredients above and mix
2️⃣ Place on a baking tray and bake at 160C for 25 minutes until golden
3️⃣ Remove from the oven and either eat warm or allow to cool


➡️ Not gluten-free? Just use normal oats
➡️ Which oats are best? I think rolled oats are best as they are larger and better for granola
➡️ What can I swap the maple syrup for? Try any liquid sweetener such as agave or even a runny honey should work
➡️ What can I swap for the coconut oil? Try another oil
➡️ Which peanut butter is best? Any works🙂
➡️ Peanut allergy? Swap the peanut butter for almon

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