Hello! This Awesome Piece Of Artwork Is By My Sweetie @elija

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Hello! This awesome piece of artwork is by my sweetie @elijahjah_wabanitz. He worked very hard on it and I wanted to share it as it relates to my story and the importance it has on this project. It’s a cartoon of me and the essence of Fern Butter . To me it symbolizes the power and creativity of food. The effects of what we consume has on our physical and mental health and hoe what we eat affects our emotions. I have developed an awareness over the years about this dynamic. There are countless stories on how your gut health affects mental health, and as someone with a diagnosed mental health disorder, the subject is of great interest to me. And it is especially important that as a #bipoc #poc #qpoc person, to make more space available to discuss these issues.

As mental health has come to the fore during this pandemic, it is both heartbreaking and inspiring to process and receive what’s happening to our society. The heartbreak is obvious, the inspiration I feel has only revealed itself just recently. I am inspired that there seems to be a developing awareness of mental health as we all struggle to cope with what’s happening right now. I hope and feel that there will be less stigma around mental health. That I feel more at ease to be public about it signals that I do sense that.

Please stay tuned as recipes become available and how ingredients will be highlighted to demonstrate the power of food on your mental well being. I am not a licensed nutritionist or medical professional, but I can read and process science and reflect on that with my content. I hope to spread more kindness and awareness in this complicated world through these posts. It truly is food for thought. Thank you for following!

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