hearty vegan cheezy lasagne multip img ca
hearty vegan cheezy lasagne multip img ca


Here I have my classic dish, taught from my Mum when I was a kid, lasagne has always been one of absolute favourite meals! Super handy now I’m working a lot of evening shifts to bulk cook a healthy meal I can munch across the week!

?Linda vg mince
?Red onion
?Carrots & celery
?1/2 bulb of garlic ?
?Red wine ~ v important
?Mixed herbs/ garlic/ onion
?Vg oxo cube
?Tin of chopped tomatoes & x1 passata

Simply chopped all of the veggies and fried off in a good olive oil. Left to brown for 10 mins with garlic and herbs, later added the vg mince. Fried off before adding all other ingredients! Left to simmer for 2/3 hours for max flavaassss ?

Cheese sauce was super simple and combined x3 spoons of @floraplantbased with equal flour. Mixed a lotttt of oat milk as I like my lasagnes cheezy – lots of nooch, onion/garlic granules, mustard and salt n p!!!

Built this up in layers as pasta sheet – mince mix – cheese sauce – repeat ?
Served with homemade garlic ciabatta, leftover veggies & chopped salad (little gem/Tom’s/cucumber/spring onions & @aldiuk agave and mustard dressing)

Great for students for price and those of us working all sides of the day! This bad boy has got me through a week of lates?

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