Happy Weekend My Dears! @laurelandreed’s January’s Box

happy weekend my dears laurelandreeds januarys box multip img acf
happy weekend my dears laurelandreeds januarys box multip img acf

Happy weekend my dears! @laurelandreed’s January’s Box ships out today and it’s a good one featuring 2 remarkable award winners. ?⁣

The highlight of the box and the one getting so much buzz is @dstillbeauty Rejuvenating Botanical Serum- 1oz – $165. ⁣
Anyone who has used it before has nothing but good things to say about this! So I’m really excited about adding this to my routine.⁣

This award winning oil serum includes some of the world’s most nutrient-rich botanicals. It combines 29 potent ingredients to create a multi-correctional, phyto-retinol serum that restores radiance and glow, encourages cellular renewal and improves the texture of your skin.⁣

First impressions is that it smells amazing, and oh my goodness, it just sinks into the skin sooo beautifully! I’ve not experienced an oil that behaves like that! If you’re afraid of oiliness, this oil will change your mind. The skin just absorbs it so quickly leaving soft, matt skin. ⁣

The second product is @naturallogic Unmask Detox Hydration Mask – 2oz – $58.00⁣
This award winning mask has won not one, but TWO awards – as Best hydration mask and as best detox mask! I first experienced Unmask in another subscription box and it’s texture is so unique – silky and jelly like. Key ingredients include activated charcoal, niacinamide, burdock root, MSM and geranium to help detox and purify skin while keeping skin hydrated. ⁣

When I first tried it a while back, I didn’t like it because I wasn’t expecting the feel of the mask. I liked charcoal masks that dried the skin and that tight feel after! (I know, what was I thinking!!) But over time, I’ve come to appreciate how gentle, effective and hydrating this is. ?⁣

The final product is Laurel & Reed Spa Headband – $18.00⁣
Ultra-soft bamboo cotton Spa Headband made from natural bamboo and organic cotton. It’s so soft and feels so luxe! I like that it has velcro instead of elastic – I feel it stays on better. ? ⁣

This month’s box has an incredible value of USD241 but you can get it for UD54.95 with an extra 15% off with my non-affiliated code MOCHI15. ?⁣


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