Happy Weekend Everyone! I Have A Wonderful Recipe For An Eas

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Happy weekend everyone! I have a wonderful recipe for an easy, flavoursome, nutritious and vegan sauce.
Chimichurri is originally an Argentinian and Uruguayan sauce, mostly used on grilled meat as well as being used as table condiment.
Parsley 100 gr Coriander 100gr 2 medium sized shallots and 4/5 cloves of garlic 2 medium sized red chillis Half a cup of olive oil Half a cup Red wine vinegar Salt 1/2 tbsp ——————————————————- Method: Finely chop all the ingredients and mix them until you achieve a thick sauce like consistency or you can use a food processor/ blender to mix all the ingredients. Then add the olive oil and red wine vinegar once the rest of the ingredients are mixed thoroughly. I’m aware that there are numerous versions of this sauce available and of course there are many different methods of preparing however this is my version. It goes really well with steak. I used it on salad or even dipping bread in this sauce is a delightful snack! I hope you enjoy making this it!
—————————————————— Nutritional benefits:
I’ll start with parsley, this magical herb contains a number of key nutrients such as vitamins C, K and A. It’s also rich in the minerals,eg calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium.
Coriander is also rich in minerals and vitamins, rich in folate, manganese, lutien.
As we discussed garlic previously, it helps reduce the cholesterol levels and they are rich in antioxidants.
Shallots have numerous health benefits too! They are packed with copper, folate, zinc, vitamins A&C, phosphorus and they are more concentrated source of protein and fibre.
Olive oil is an amazingly healthy oil that can be used in cooking instead of a less healthy oils out there. It is rich in monounsaturated fats and offers large amount of antioxidants. Unlike most oils, it’s not associated with obesity and weight gain and it helps maiming a more regular bowel movement. #instacook #lockdowncooking #lockdownrecipes #vegansauce #veganrecipes #instarecipe