? Happy Wednesday ?

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happy wednesday display image f6b8b05c

? Happy Wednesday ?

After work, dinner sometimes needs to be quick and easy and since we still had some fried rice left over, we made this delicious meal with Teriyaki @likemeat_int nuggets ?

I really like to keep cooking to a minimum after working all day and leftovers are always great to have on days like that. But since it wasn’t enough for two people, we had nuggets that needed using I thought I would get a bit creative with the ingredients ❤️

All I did was heating up the rice as usual with a bit of sesame oil in the wok. The nuggets were pan fried as well and after they were nice and crispy I added some @bluedragonuk sticky teriyaki sauce to them. I would normally make my own sauce but wanted to keep it simple and quick this evening ?

And this was such a lovely combination of flavours ? The sauce really gave the entire dish a more intense flavour and the nuggets in general bulked the meal out a little bit and made it enough for two. So overall a great success and definitely something we’ll make again in the future ?

What is your favourite quick after work meal? Let us know in the comments ❤️

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