Happy Hump Day! This Week, I’m Planning For MORE Vegan Rec

happy hump day this week im planning for more vegan rec display image  8b9e5456
happy hump day this week im planning for more vegan rec display image 8b9e5456

Happy Hump Day! This week, I’m planning for MORE vegan recipes to share with you all ?

I have not bought cows milk in YEARS! I’ve been told by doctors that I have a dairy intolerance and it contributed to my body’s inflammation and adult acne ?…

This week, I’m trying different types of non-dairy and plant-based products to find the best ingredients for my kitchen, and to determine which brands taste better to me so that I can keep them stocked for daily use!

I’m going to try Seitan bacon, plant-based scrambled eggs, and different brands of non-dairy cheese sold at @wholefoods .

What you may not know…. I was a vegetarian for most of my high school years and remember being DISGUSTED by non-dairy cheese options and was super picky about the veggie burgers I would eat. BUT NOW, the vegan and vegetarian communities have BOOMED and there are sooo many more products and brands that are exploring how to make DELICIOUS and APPEALING vegan alternatives. I am so excited to try them all!

Here are some of my favorite vegan brands & products that I’ve found over the years and use on a daily basis:

1. I’ve been using @earthbalance “butter” for years now, and use their sticks of vegan butter in baking as well. My favorite variation is their whipped butter because it’s easier to spread!

2. @califiafarms unsweetened almond milk is the closest thing to real milk that I have found because it’s creamy and white unlike some other almond mills or oat milk which can be different in color and texture, which throws off my poor boyfriend who loves cereal & milk in the morning. So, this one is #bubbyapproved !

3. @bocaburger spicy chick’n patties are my new favorite! Throw some Hellman’s vegan mayo on there and it’s like a McChicken sandwich ?? This has been my go-to meal when I don’t feel like cooking or I’m at a BBQ and need to throw something on the grill.

Tell me your faves!!!?? Drop a comment below to share your favorite vegan products and brands!

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