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We’re having a pimped up classic for lunch today! I really miss being able to have lunch out, but this really just hit the spot as it’s the kinda thing you’d be able to grab on your lunch break🥰

At this point, I’d be as well turning my account into a fan page for @squeakybeanveg cuz I’m obsessed😅 all their sandwich pieces are absolutely incredible! Check out the ingredients below, I’ve listed from the bottom up⬆️

D E A T S:
➛ @aldiuk bake at home baguette
➛ chopped lettuce
➛ diced tomatoes
➛ melted @violife_foods cheese slices
➛ @marmite mushrooms
➛ @tescofood chopped olives green with chilli
➛ @squeakybeanveg ham slices
➛ @franksredhot_uk buffalo sauce

What’s your favourite lunch to make at home? Let me know in the comments! & don’t forget to save this post to help ya gal beat the new insta algorithm, I genuinely appreciate it so much 🥰⭐️

⭐️ #veganinstaclub